February & March in Pictures

I haven't updated in a while! Mostly because nothing too exciting has happened - just the normal routine. But here is a photo dump from all of my phone pictures in February and March. 
Trey got a pizza oven so we have been making pizzas like crazy and they are delicious. No more frozen or delivery! 

We had a mini pack of tickets to NCSU Basketball games. We were terrible this year so I was glad we didn't get the full season pack. The downside of mini packs is that the seats are in the upper level :( We stopped at Bottle Revolution before the game on a nice day. 

My favorite baby joined us at a game!

Pizza pizza!

Tyson and Trey played tug-of-war for ever one day
Tyson drug him  halfway across the downstairs

We tried out Amazon Prime Now! You have to have a minimum $20 order and then they suggest that you give $5+ tip. It was kind of cool but I probably won't use it much

Like I said... lots of pizza!

Connor and Vegas were hanging out on the couch and he was determined to grab her tail.
She is so sweet with him and didn't mind :) 

Our Valentines Dinner at home... a heart shaped pizza!

Date night at Sushi Thai (BOGO rolls!)

Girls night at Rudino's 

Nice weather for some long runs on the greenway

The annual Christmas Tree Burn at Aaron & Aprils

Brunch at Relish on a nice, warm day

Celebrating Dad & Nana's birthdays

Connor learned how to clap!

These 2 crack me up sharing their bed

We headed to Charleston for Trey's birthday weekend to celebrate with his cousin (whose birthday is the day after Trey's) and uncles who we haven't seen in a while.
We stopped for a dinner date on our way in

We had a nice day on Friday, the boys played golf while the girls got mani-pedis and did some shopping. Unfortunately, Friday night Lauren and the baby got sick with a stomach bug. Her husband caught it the next day so the birthday celebrations didn't go as planned. 

Trey and I took a walk to get brunch on Saturday

We explored downtown Charleston before meeting his uncles (and new cousins!) to go bowling

The 3 of us partied the night away while the youngins headed home to bed and the others were at home sick. Not as planned but still a great weekend.

Part of the cookie/cupcake order for their birthdays

A nice night at Rudino's rooftop

A Saturday afternoon stop at Trophy Brewing's new location

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