1 month to go!

Just under a month until the Princess Half Marathon!! I'm getting pretty excited. I completed a 10 mile run on Saturday in a little under a 10:00/mile pace. I am most comfortable running about a 9:30 pace but can't sustain that for 10 miles yet! 

After running 10 miles Saturday I definitely feel confident that I can be successful in the half marathon and am pretty pumped. I still have a few more long runs to practice before then but it is sneaking up quickly! 

As I was finishing the 10 miles I was thinking to myself yeah I am tired right now but 13.1 is definitely attainable... although at mile 10 in Disney we will be running up an exit-ramp ... a nice, large hill... so that won't be too fun! But that's the last big hill of the race. I'm so excited and so glad I've had a wonderful running partner all this time to push me and run the half with me. We won't be dressing up like princesses... I don't really go all out like that... but we will wear something bright so my family can pick us out of the crowd... any ideas?!

I also just bought my ticket for my 2 days of park hopping in Disney! Can't wait to have a little fun leading up to the big race. We will definitely take it easy, but it's not like I've never been to Disney or anything ;)

Here's the official race map:

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