Christmas 2012 in Disney World!

 On Christmas morning we woke up and got to Magic Kingdom as it opened! We really wanted to be able to walk down Main Street on Christmas Day and sometimes the parks reach capacity so we decided to get up and get on in there. We rode the boat over from the campground and saw this beautiful sunrise as we got there:

 It was still early so things were still lit up, this is the train station as you arrive:

 The tree on Main Street:

 We headed on back to Space Mountain to get on Space Mountain and had to snap pictures of the castle along the way:

 We rode Space Mountain and then headed over to the newly opened Fantasyland. It has Bell's castle (a restaurant inside), a "tavern" although they don't have alcohol in MK, Enchanted Tells with Belle, an interactive adventure for kiddos who love princesses and the new Under the Sea ride... we got on that one pretty quickly, whereas later in the day it was over an hour wait! The big roller coaster that will be the center of it all is still being constructed.
 Pictures of Fantasyland:
 I just love the nostalgia and feeling of Magic Kingdom
After checking out the new Fantasyland we went to Buzz Lightyear (still no wait!) and Trey of course kicked butt with a score of 216,000. We had our fun in the park and decided to head home to have our family Christmas celebration and it was only 8:20 am! Instead of taking the boat straight back to the campground we walked along the walkway to the Contemporary and looked for Nana and Pop's brick... we (Riley and Clare families) gave them this brick for their 50th anniversary... in 1995! There is actually a blank one next to it, but they no longer sell them, because mom and dad would love to have a brick of their own, but no such luck! We got to the Contemporary and then took a boat back to the campground from there.
 Santa brought us to Disney World, which is an awesome present, but we still had a few gifts to open
 It is pretty awesome that the RV has a fireplace to open our stockings by!
Gifts started with the dogs... they were very excited to open their toys and didn't know where to begin playing with them. Tyson sure does appreciate a good toy. Makes a happy heart to see those 2 having so much fun.
 Mom gave us all some cute ornaments for our tree and quite a few other little gifts. I got Trey TV trays which came in very handy in the RV, a book called How to Brew (to go with the giftcards to American Brewmaster that he has been given!) and a snowboard! I found a good deal on craigslist and had the snowboard waiting for him getting a tune at a local shop back home. This was probably one of the first times I have really surprised him with a gift :) He gave me a huge surprise... a new iPad!! I LOVE it and was very excited, didn't expect it at all.
 Mom and dad got a new Keurig to enjoy, some k-cups to go with it and a DVD called "Running with the Pack" that we enjoyed watching over the next few days. After we opened gifts we had breakfast... Trey cooked the bacon outside on the grill, mom made eggs, grits and biscuits inside and we all sat down together to enjoy a yummy Christmas breakfast and be thankful for what we have been blessed with this year.

 The weather was gorgeous all week:
 Enjoying their new toy:

 After presents and breakfast we took the dogs to have some fun at the dog park and then we all ended up taking naps. Mom and dad were up and ready to get moving before us kids so they went ahead of us and went "hotel hopping" as I like to call it. We like to enjoy the Magic Kingdom resorts along the lake near the campground so we take the boat over to the Contemporary and then ride the monorail (it makes a big loop) along to the Polynesian and the Grand Floridian. 
When Trey, Chad and I got moving we headed to the Contemporary and played in the arcade for a bit. We used some of our "points" towards this photo booth:
 We enjoyed the gingerbread creations at each resort and had a drink and appetizers at The Wave in the bottom of the Contemporary.
 We moved on to the Polynesian, they have a lot of little gingerbread houses created by staff:
 We went to Kona Cafe (in the Polynesian) to have a drink and get sushi, it was so good!

 We met up with Mom and Dad at the Grand Floridian. We grabbed a drink in their bar and then found our way out to watch the Electric Water Pageant (it comes to all the MK resorts along the lake every night) on the water from their beach. We went out near Narcoossee's restaurant and watched the water pageant, followed by the fireworks (from Magic Kingdom they can be seen at all of the resorts along the lake). After those we went back in the hotel to enjoy the Christmas decorations, live music and HUGE gingerbread house. Great way to spend Christmas night!!

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