Winter Weather

I'm over winter! This year the weather has been crazy... 70s one day... 30s the next. We have had a few episodes of winter weather, none of which has been all that exciting. On the Thursday before MLK weekend we had a nice little bit of snow that forced schools to be on a 2-hour delay the next day! It was pretty too:

The dogs enjoyed the snowball that their daddy made later that afternoon:

That was the best of anything that we have had. A week later we got out of school 4 HOURS EARLY because a storm was moving in that was bringing sleet and snow, that would cause the roads to get nasty. And yes, we are the pathetic south that cannot function when the roads have ice/snow on them. A few years back (luckily before I was teaching) Wake County learned their lesson when they didn't leave school early and had busses not making it on the roads, teachers and students were there until 10:00 at night, if they even made it home that night... so now they are extra cautious!

And then again Sunday night from freezing rain came down and continued to do so until Monday morning so we had a 3 hour delay Monday morning! It has been a crazy couple of weeks without any play-worthy snow! Is it spring yet?! We're getting cabin fever over here!

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