Happy New Year!

This year we had a very low key new year, Trey had to work the next morning, was getting sick and we had just gotten home from our Disney trip. We were dog-sitting Speckles and Bailey too :) 

We watching the NC State bowl game during the day while I took down our Christmas decorations. The dogs enjoyed snuggling with Trey during the game. 
Tyson isn't up there because Bailey growls at him when he tries to cuddle Trey... she likes to dominate and he's a big woosie!

After watching the bowl game we headed to the NC State -- UNC-G basketball game... after sitting in our seats about 5 minutes I got my ring caught on my scarf and quickly realized why it got caught. My diamond fell out of my setting!!!!!! I have no idea how. I froze and we started looking all around... on me, in and under the seats and the seats of the people in front of us. I went back to the bathroom and went through every paper towel in the trash because I had washed my hands on the way in. Trey went through the food bag that we had thrown away on the way in from our Arby's on the way to the game, my dad went back to the car to check... nothing :( We searched for basically the first half of the game. After I sat back down in my seat it was half-time and the special olympics basketball players were playing at halftime and as I watched them it helped put things in to perspective... it sucked that my diamond was missing but I'm happy, healthy, have a wonderful husband and family so while it is disappointing, I suppose it's just a piece of jewelry.

When we got home we continued to search. I did about 5 loads of laundry, took down all of the Christmas decorations, including the tree that day. I really have no idea when or how it came out. We have searched all over with no luck. I am super bummed about it. Trey picked out a single stone for me and had it put in the setting for my engagement ring. Then on our honeymoon we had that setting cut off the plain band and added to the new band that we purchased but the setting wasn't touched. I do not understand how it could have just fallen out of the setting after only 2.5 years.... it doesn't even look like anything is messed up with the setting. UGH. Good thing it's insured. I called insurance this morning and made a claim, now I'm waiting on the central claims people to call me with the rest of the process.  A rather disappointing evening.

After we finished searching we did some grocery shopping... we had to restock from being gone all week. We were some of the only people in the store! 

When we got home we snuggled on the couch with all four dogs and downloaded the first season of Anger Management to watch. I had Speckles and Bailey on my lap and Trey had Vegas and finally convinced Tyson to join us. He had to coerce him up over the arm rest on the other side because he doesn't want to make Bailey mad ;)
We enjoyed a couple of drinks as we all snuggled on the couch. It was a wonderful night with my family. 

Shortly after we kissed at midnight we went to sleep, Trey had to be at work bright and early the next morning. Luckily I still have today off and have been cleaning up and lounging around with the dogs.

 Vegas and Speckles are pretty lazy and didn't want to get up this morning:

Hope everyone has a wonderful new year! Our only resolution is to stop losing wedding jewelry (or parts of it!)

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