Merry Christmas - Instagram Style!

Merry Christmas!!! I hope you are all having a wonderful day spent relaxing, enjoying time with family and remembering how great the year has been! We are spending the day in Disney World, one of my favorite places! 

I did the 25 day photo challenge in Instagram all through December and thought I would show you Christmas through my eyes over the last (almost) month. 

Have a wonderful day!! I'll be back next week with pictures of our awesome trip!

The list:

Day 1: Lights

Day 2: Decorations

Day 3: Gifts

Day 4: Tradition - pickle on the tree!

Day 5: Santa

Day 6: Stockings

Day 7: Snow

Day 8: Tree

Day 9: Treats - Friendship bread!

Day 10: Joy - lounging with my husband and watching the Grinch

Day 11: Carols

Day 12: Vintage (somewhat)

Day 13: Festive - Old Town Alexandria

Day 14: Glitter

Day 15: Warmth

Day 16: Ornaments - one very close to my heart

Day 17: Wreath - Nana's awesome snowman wreath

Day 18: Giving - a wonderful time of year to be a teacher!

Day 19: Reindeer aka little man

Day 20: Memories (in Disney World!)

Day 21: Bells

Day 22: Cookies - freshly baked on the way to Florida

Day 23: Sparkle - Epcot!

Day 24: Xmas Eve in Hollywood Studios
at the Osbourne Family Spectacle of Lights

Day 25:  Unwrapped - lots of goodies!!

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