Weekly Dinners

Every week we get together with my best friend Christy & her husband Jonathan for dinner. We usually try to get our other friends Kristen and Ryan to join too but Kristen does field work a lot for her job and can't make it some times.

Christy and Jonathan have what we call "mini Vegas" and "mini Tyson" dogs. Speckles is a Boston Terrier-Chihuahua mix that reminds me so much of a little Vegas, from her personality all the way to her speckled tummy. Bailey is a brown daschund, she isn't as much of a mini Tyson as they are just the same color :)

When we have dinner at one of our houses we brings the dogs along. Last week we had dinner at our house and after dinner the dogs enjoyed some cuddle time with us while we watched the NC State basketball game.

It's so nice to have dinner with good friends every week and even better since we don't have to leave the dogs home alone to do so.

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