Dinner at Brasa

Trey and I have been wanting to try out Brasa Steakhouse for a while now. Last year for his birthday Nana gave him a giftcard to go there and this fall I bought a coupon book from the chorus at school that had a $20 off coupon in it! So we finally went to Brasa a couple of nights ago and Sadler and Katherine joined us. It was a cool experience. There are three different options for your meal, the silver (just hot and cold bar), the gold which we got: unlimited salad and appetizer bars in addition to the full dinner rodizio experience which includes thirteen cuts of beef, lamb, chicken and pork and cinnamon roasted pineapple, and platinum which adds a lobster tail to the gold selection.

We started with the cold salad bar, it was very unique and had a variety of things that we nibbled on before our meat started coming. They have a meat runner who brings you all 13 cuts of meat and cuts off a slice or two for you. It is a lengthy process getting through all of the meats but it is a nice, slow meal. That way you actually have more time to digest your food and get through more than if it is just all on your plate at once. Once you have been offered all of the cuts they will ask if you would like anything again. We got a few different selections brought back to the table, filet, sirloin and the house special. While the meats were coming around, I went to the hot bar and got some sides to nibble on. I wasn't as excited with that selection as the cold bar, but there were a few really good items up there.

And to top off the meal they bring around the cinnamon roasted pineapple... it was amazing!

And since no post is complete without pictures, here are both couples at dinner:

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