Christmas in Delaware

Last weekend we headed up to Delaware for the annual Sutton Family Christmas! We left Friday around lunch time and stopped in Alexandria for dinner with Terry and Melissa. We went to Columbian Firehouse in Old Town Alexandria... it was great! 

 Driving by DC:

We made it up to Dover around 10:30.
 Dressing up little man

We stayed up for a few hours visiting and got our gifts from Trey's parents. They were so good to us! Trey got a ton of tools & a couple of my favorite things that I got were a new GPS running watch and a hammock chair for our porch.

Showing my mom my new watch, clutch & purse:

Saturday morning we got up and headed to the Dogfish Head Brewery... I'm posting all about that (and tons of pictures) tomorrow! Here's a sneak peak of what we came home with from there:

Saturday afternoon was our Christmas gathering at Mommom Pat's house. We exchanged gifts with the family and relaxed for a while!

Sunday morning we made our way back to NC... we made pretty good time - just over 6 hours! We got back just in time for Trey to watch the panther's game while I unloaded the car and tried to find space to put away all of our new gadgets!

After the game he assembled my new hammock! We hung it on a hook that existed on the front porch to test it out. We will have to move it because it isn't centered, but we aren't sure if we want it on the front or back porch in the long run. It's so comfy! I can't wait to sit and read my nook for hours in it :)

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