Dogfish Head: Round 2

This was our second time going to the Dogfish Head Brewery... this year we planned ahead and booked a tour EARLY since last year we randomly decided to go there and the tour was booked. The tour lasted over an hour! It was cool, we were told all about the history of Dogfish Head and then got to see "behind the scenes" of their brewery and warehouse. They are in the middle of a lot of construction, they are under-going a $52 million expansion!


 Oak Barrels:
 Beers saved for quality control... World Wide Stout from 2009

 Kegging line:

 Bottling line:
 The scheduling robot:
 A bunch of kegs:
 Old whiskey barrels, etc for making cask beer:

During and after the tour we enjoyed our 4 free samples and then did some shopping.
The original beer making of Dogfish:
 The original hops machine:
 They also make liqour! Sold only from the Brewpub

You can't purchase beer over 15% ABV in NC so we stocked up on those that we really like but can't get down here.

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