DIY: Saving Christmas Cards

Every year we get lots of awesome Christmas cards from friends and family. In the past I have stored them in our Christmas storage bins when I take everything down. This year I was talking with a friend who said that she has a photo album that she puts them all in, but it holds 4x6 photos so she has to cut some off of the oddly shaped ones. I was trying to decide how I could save mine without having to cut them since we have gotten a lot of uniquely shaped cards. As I was putting away things I discovered old scrapbook pages and thought that would be a great idea.
I had old scrapbook paper and pages to add to a scrapbook. I just had to go out to Michael's and found a scrapbook on sale for $7.50!
I printed a little design for the front picture window on regular paper and stuck it in there. I am starting each new year with the year and our family Christmas card for that year, followed by all the picture cards that we get sent. Can't wait to look back on this many years down the road and watch everyone grow and change. I need to go back and add the names below cards that don't say who they are so that when I get old I remember everyone :)

Here are a few pictures of how it turned out:

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