Christmas Eve in Disney

On Monday we made it in to Hollywood Studios by 9:15 and went straight for a fastpass to Toy Story.... those things go quickly, it was already for 2:00 that day! 

We rode the Great Movie Ride, then headed to get a seat for the Stunt Show. It is always cool to watch and they did change it up a little bit.

After the stunt show we watched the Muppets show, which Trey had apparently not ever seen before!

We then watched the holiday comedy show... they had a beer booth in the back with tables, like a real comedy show and it was pretty funny!

 After the show we rode Tower of Terror and Toy Story... Trey kicked my butt on the Toy Story ride and we took a picture of our score to remember for next time:

We headed home for a while to let the dogs play, eat lunch and take a nap to rejuvenate! 
Later that night we headed back to Hollywood Studios to use our fastpass to Rockin Roller Coaster and see the Osbourne Family of Lights.

It was an awesome way to spend Christmas Eve. It definitely puts you in the Christmas Spirit. About every 8 minutes the lights dance to music and it's awesome. 

After the lights we went to the new "Legend of Jack Sparrow" and waited for about 25 minutes... turns out you just go in and stand there for a short little show type thing that was not worth the 25 minute wait! 

Mom, Dad and I walked through Walt Disney: One Man's Dream. I always love reading about Walt's history and how this all came to. While we did that Chad and Trey went to ride Star Tours. 

We had to head home at a decent hour since we decided to get up and be at Magic Kingdom when it opened on Christmas Day!!

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