Days 5 & 6 of Disney

Day 5: Wednesday 12/26
We slept in the day after Christmas and enjoyed a slow moving morning. We had breakfast at the Trail's End restaurant in the campground, it's a buffet that we love to enjoy at breakfast every time we go. We came back and watched dad's new Running with the Pack DVD and headed to EPCOT for the evening around 3:00. 

We had lunch reservations at Le Chefs de France at 3:40 as a package deal to later see the Candlelight Processional and then have VIP seating to the Illuminations show.

It had been a nice day, but was surprisingly cold that night so when we got out of dinner and the sun had set we were chilly! We went to Mexico and rode Los Tres Amigos, the boat ride through Mexico and got a fastpass from Maelstrom, the ride in Norway to go back to after the processional. 

We went back to the American Pavilion to get a seat for the Candlelight Processional, we got there right around 6:25, when they told us to but they had already started letting in the "general public" so we ended up sitting in the very front row! 

The show is a reading of the story of Christmas, it is read by a different celebrity every few nights. Amy Grant was the one reading it the night we saw it, and it was a great show. There is an orchestra playing all of the music and a choir made up of adults and students from all around. 

After the candlelight processional we went back to Norway to ride Maelstrom and then ended up shopping around and getting Chad a jacket and a blanket to wrap around me and Trey since it was getting chilly and we were going to be standing outside for a while to watch Illuminations. 

We went to the land and rode the boat ride, Living with the Land, it is always cool to see what they are growing in their green houses. 

We watched Captain EO (a 3D Michael Jackson production that I apparently slept through in 1986, it was brought back a couple of years ago) and then rode the Figment ride (another great memory... Figment stole Chad's hat when he was little... pre-me!) And luckily the Spaceship Earth line wasn't very long so we hopped right on that too. 
Then it was time to go to our VIP viewing spot for Illuminations. Trey and I bundled together in our blanket and enjoyed one of the best fireworks shows there is.

Day 6: Thursday 12/27
We headed back to EPCOT early(ish) Thursday morning. 

We got a fastpass to Test Track and headed to ride the Universe of Energy (awesome old school Ellen ride) and stopped along the way to enjoy the JAMMitors. 

After Ellen we headed to The Seas. The line for the Nemo ride was way too long, so we took the "boring" entrance to the seas and enjoyed checking out the dolphin, fish and manatees. 

We decided to eat lunch in The Land and it was PACKED... probably because Soarin' is in there and everyone heads there asap. It typically had a 2-2.5 hour wait!! We were able to get another fastpass so I went to get in line and of course the machine in front of me broke so it took FOREVER. By the time I got back to our seats everyone else had finished their lunch. 

We cruised around the World Showcase and grabbed a beer in the UK (and took a picture in the phone booth!) In Germany they have a tree full of pickle ornaments with a story about the origin. We also got a unique beer in Japan that we bought in the store while shopping for some Japanese candy!

After perusing the World Showcase we headed to Test Track to use our fastpasses. They have re-done the entrance and the ride slightly. You now "create" your own car based on the style and power that you want and that may change your ride. 

  After Test Track we headed back to the RV to let the dogs out and have dinner. Our fast pass for Soarin' was for 7:00, so we headed back to EPCOT to ride that and then decided to walk over to the Boardwalk (where Chad and Trey hung out the first day we were there). I have never walked to the boardwalk from EPCOT and thought it would be fun. 

Chad hadn't been to the Big River Grille & Brewery that we discovered in April so we walked to that. We enjoyed a couple of beers and some great nachos. Chad and Trey got a cask aged beer which was pretty unique.

 Instead of walking all the way back to EPCOT (really not that far) we took a boat ride from the middle of the Boardwalk to the back entrance of EPCOT. It's really cool over there, there are resorts along the Boardwalk and they all enter EPCOT that way. Another place I'd like to stay if we weren't at the campground! 

Had to make it another (somewhat) early night since we were going to make it to Magic Kingdom EARLY the next day! Come back tomorrow for our last 2 days in Disney!

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