Christmas Crafts - Part 1

I have been pinning tons of DIY Christmas crafts to my pinterest boards and finally got the chance to complete a couple this weekend! Brenna, Mariah and I got together Sunday afternoon to do some crafts. It is always helpful to have Mariah around while crafting so she can fix the parts that I'm not good at... she's so good at random crafts.

This pin and this pin were my inspiration for the tree I made using a tomato cage, garland and lights.

I used an old tomato cage, that Trey almost threw out! Luckily it was akward to throw away so he hadn't yet :)
I bought 4 9-ft strands of garland at Walmart ($2 each!) and used 150 lights. 100 probably would have been enough though!

Starting at the bottom I wraped the garland around and around. Every few circles, I wrapped the garland in a loop around the cage itself, to keep it from moving around too much. Cheddar, Brenna's cat, kept wanting to play with our garland trees.

I used a hair tie to hold the top of the tomato cage together (somehow Brenna has no rubber bands in her house) and hot glued it on there. Then I hot glued a little bit of garland there to keep it covered.

Once I finished wrapping it with garland, I put the lights on and ta-da so pretty!
Mariah made me a bow to top my tree :)
Brenna also made a garland tree, her tomato cage was a little bit bigger and she used color lights.
Mariah decided to put ornaments on a ribbon and was hoping to hang it from her mantle, but as she started going we remembered from my ornament wreath last year, that it takes a TON of ornaments to fill very little space. So it will probably end up being a table centerpiece!
All of our projects
My tree in the hallway upstairs
I love the look when the only lights on are the ones on a Christmas tree :)

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