Happy 2nd Birthday, Tyson!

Tyson is 2, today! I just looked back at the post I wrote on his first birthday... I almost forgot just how small he was.

He's still just as wild, crazy and loving now as ever. He snuggles any chance he gets, and if you move he will move closer to you.
Sleeping on top of his daddy

He knows his routine very well and when he hears his treats in the morning as I'm getting ready to leave he goes right to his crate to wait for his kong full of bones.
Vegas likes to join him in the crate sometimes

Although he's a boxer, not a water dog, he sure does love to swim.

He LOVES to play tug-of-war any chance he gets and with anyone willing to play with him.

He thinks that every person and dog he meets loves him and is going to be his new best friend, but he definitely has his number 1... his sister. He sleeps on top of Vegas any chance he gets... until she crawls out from under him because she gets hot.

He listens really well, he will come from a mile away when you call him, will get up in the middle of a nap and go outside if you tell him it's time to go potty and will do his tricks in a heartbeat so he can get that treat :)
But he is still a puppy and sometimes has his wild moments.....

They say that dogs tend to calm down around 2... we'll see how that goes ;)

Such a lover, that boy.

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