This year for Thanksgiving we decided to go up to my aunt and uncle's house in the mountains for a couple of days! Everyone else headed up Tuesday evening/early Wednesday but I waited for Chad and Trey to get off work on Wednesday and we headed up Wednesday afternoon. Before we got there they went to one of the "choose and cut" lots up there where you pick our your tree (still growing in the ground) and cut it. They got a pretty good size tree for only about $40! Way better than getting it in Raleigh and you know it's fresh! They also had dinner at Nana's favorite restaurant, the Canyons, in time to watch the sunset!

Ready to go!

On our way up we stopped at Peabody's, an awesome wine & beer store, to get a few craft brews to enjoy over the holidays. That night we decorated their tree (with awesome colored blinking lights) and enjoyed relaxing together.

Thursday the weather was awesome. We let the dogs run around and play on all of the land and in the river a little while my cousin and uncle did some fly fishing in the river. They didn't catch anything but had fun for a while. Mom and I went for a walk with the dogs, enjoying the views.

We had dinner around 6 with all of our typical holiday foods: sweet potato casserole, broccoli casserole, turkey, rice, gravy, Christmas salad, beets, cranberries and pumpkin pie to top it off. It was delicious and filling.

After relaxing for a bit, Trey and I enjoyed the hot tub while the boys decided to brave Walmart at 10pm to get a black Friday deal on a new tv for the living room.

The next morning, mom, dad and nana pulled out in the RV at about 7 am, to get nana back to dialysis. It was nice to get and early start and see the gorgeous sunset. Trey and I lounged around for a little while then decided to get ready and do our only black Friday shopping, at Mast General Store! If you got there between 9 and 10 you got a coupon for 40% off, and we got the last 2! He bought some nice Carhartt pants for work with the coupon and basically hasn't taken them off since.

We headed back to town Friday afternoon to make it home in time for the NC State Basketball game and made another pit stop at Peabody's on the way home! Come back tomorrow for the post about the fun-NC State-filled weekend!

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