Last Tailgate of the Season!

On Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, there was a basketball game. We played UNC-Asheville and barely won the game. We played pretty crappy but it was still fun. We stayed that night in the RV, in the RV lot to be ready for tailgating the next morning!

Vegas guarding the RV while we were in the game

Saturday morning, Brenna and I got up and went for a run. People started to arrive for tailgating around 10 and it was still pretty chilly out. We stayed inside the RV for a good bit to wait for the sun to come out. It was a pretty cold day!

Allison was in town and Mariah and Greg came to tailgate too, along with the usual suspects. It was a pretty fun day and we won pretty big! We also tried to introduce Tyson to Brenna's kitten, Cheddar, but he was scared and wouldn't come close to Tyson. Ty was being very gentle and wanted to meet him!

Playing Mario Kart, hardcore tailgating!

After the game that night we went to eat dinner at El Cerro on Avent Ferry. We laughed and had so much fun. I can't remember the last time I have laughed that hard.

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