Fall Festival 10K

Last week at the packet pickup for the City of Oaks race, the organizers of the Raleigh Fall Festival were advertising their race and the entry was half price! Marianna and I picked up a registration form and decided to do the 10k! Trey ran with me just because! And my friend Jennifer and her boyfriend, Rick (who also ran the City of Oaks Marathon) ran too!

It was at 1:30 on Sunday which was nice because we got to sleep in :) We all started the race together but separated along the way. Trey ran faster than us and took off a little ways in. He stayed about a minute or so ahead of me. I ended up moving a little bit faster than Marianna, I think those back to back marathons have worn her legs out!

Jennifer & Rick finishing

Marianna finishing
 Trey does NOT run... he said he would run this race with me so he decided to go out and give it a try, running in the neighborhood and he did more than try... he ran 6.9 miles in about an hour and 7 minutes. And at the race he came out and beat me! I am so proud of him... and also a little jealous that he can just go out and run like that! ;)

Trey finished with a time of 1 hour and 10 seconds (a 9:50 pace, 130 out of 222 people)! I came in not too long behind him in 1 hour, 1 minute and 21 seconds (a 10:01 pace, 140 out of 222 people).

My MapMyRun run info

Just before the race started, Rick saw a friend there and introduced her to us. She and I ended up running at basically the same pace and stayed together the whole race. It was nice to run next to someone the whole time.

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