Happy Halloween!

On Halloween Trey and I just figured we would sit at the house and answer the door for the maybe 20 trick-or-treaters that we would get. Our neighborhood has a good number of kids in it but not that many come up our cul-de-sac. 

As we ate dinner we had a few trick-or-treaters here and there. Then Marianna asked what we were doing, and if we wanted to join her and Mikey trick-or-treating for a little bit. Her mom's neighborhood, where they are living while Brian is in Afghanistan, doesn't have much of a trick-or-treating population so they decided to come to our neighborhood! Trey and I jumped on the idea... we were getting bored! 

I went upstairs and threw on my go to "bumble bee" aka yellow and black striped shirt and bumble bee headband. Trey doesn't have a go to costume so he put on his black sweatpants and Carolina Hurricanes jersey and used the little bit of make up I have (free lancome samples my grandma gives me! I don't buy/use eye shadow) to give himself a black eye so he could be a hockey player! 

When Marianna and Mikey got here, we leashed up the dogs and all went out for a bit. I never thought we would have so much fun. Mikey was a natural. He is barely 1, but was an awesome trick-or-treater! He knows how to knock on doors, would get excited when they came to the door, grabbed his candy and dropped it in his bucket. He would turn to go unless they would offer him more. By the end of the night he had his routine down to a science. He grabbed candy put it in his bucket, then smiled and she was still holding the candy so he grabbed more and turned to leave :) He wanted to run to the next house or towards the crowds of kids, he's quiet a social butterfly. It was so entertaining. The dogs also loved being out and seeing everyone. Vegas would get very jealous if she didn't come up to the houses with us, they would stand in the driveway and she would whine ;) 

Enjoy the pictures:
House #1

knock knock!

picking out his candy

got it, let's move on!

come on mom!

I've got the bucket... don't worry


They took a while to come to the door so he got antsy and got his candy out

trick-or-treating together again like the old days!

playing while waiting for us :)

I just had to include this picture from many years ago... Marianna's birthday is the 20th of October, so she always had AWESOME Halloween/birthday parties... This was me at one in 1994:

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