Color Me Rad 5k

Last weekend Marianna and I ran the Color Me Rad 5k... well it was probably closer to a 4k as we used her GPS watch to map it and it came out to be about 2.82 miles... not 3.1... but whatever! It was a lot of fun.

We got there early and went to the start line to wait... there are no "corrals" at this like there are at competitive races, so basically if you were there early enough you could start with the first group. We managed to stand at the very beginning of that line. As we stood there and waited we realized we were probably about to be stampeded when they said go! It wasn't too bad, but the little kids there definitely took off... they have a bit more energy than me!

I brought my water proof camera and took pictures along the way. It was pretty fun. It started inside Walnut Creek Amphitheater and basically ran through the parking lot out on to the road and back... at times it was a little unsturdy since we were running in gravel parking lot areas but it was fun. We turned a few shades of green and blue mostly. It didn't come off very easily in the sink but after an extra long shower and lots of scrubbing I came clean!

Enjoy the pictures:
Still clean!

And we're off!

Coming up to our first color bomb

Running along the road

Nice outfit

Finish line

Smurf hands

Clean spot from the arm band

Finish line color bomb

Clean spot from my belt that held the camera

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