Old Reliable 10k

On Sunday I ran the Old Reliable 10k (my FIRST timed race!) which is a part of the City of Oaks race. Marianna ran her second marathon in 2 weeks that morning while I asked Christy to run the 10k with me. I didn't want to run it alone and she's always willing to run a race :) We ran together with Marianna for a bit but she definitely had to take it slow so that she didn't injure herself running a marathon a week after running her first ever marathon. But she finished and did a great job!! Now she will not be moving for a few days :)

Luckily it was the morning after "fall back" so it didn't seem too early as we got to the race at 6:15. It was a nice but cold morning and the bell tower looked pretty! It would have looked nicer lit up in red but oh well.

We waited with the mass of people at the start line and just after 7:00 we were finally able to start walking towards the start. It was a pretty exciting feeling and everyone was really pumped up. We ran all through downtown Raleigh, it was actually a very pretty run. The 10k finished in Cameron Village... right UP a hill. Not much different than the whole race, it was pretty hilly but most of Raleigh is so you can't really avoid it.

Out of 469 women who completed the 10k, we finished 188&189th with a time of 1:02:31. According to the race results it was a pace of 10:04. My MapMyRun app said a pace of 9:50, because we didn't hug the curves we ran a little bit more than the 6.2 miles the race is mapped out to be, we actually ran 6.4 miles.

It was such a fun experience, especially with Christy running with me talking to me the whole time.

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  1. I actually ran 26.8 miles...according to my watch. Those extra .6 were killer! Haha! Congrats, you did awesome!